About Me

In 1975 I saw the light of day and not even my parents knew what direction I would take myself or what preference I would desire. Even as a baby and toddler I felt attracted to colors and grabbed blankets, pillows, rugs and fabrics that had colorful patterns or were strikingly colorful. My mother saw my interest and it was not long before she gave me sheets of paper and my first brush at the age of of 3. My first steps with art were small, but the passion with which I went to work did not go unnoticed by my mother. Today you can see that my early childhood education has paid off and that my mother’s instincts  were right.

For the love of color, the love for forms and the joy of painting have only become more pronounced and intense over time for me. Today I've found my destiny and peace, fulfillment and harmony in the images that I paint for you. They simply arise out of nothing from my creative spirit.


Between 5 and 10 years old I dedicated myself more and more to painting. Soon after I discovered my passion for nature, for the sea and for homes. The images were dedicated to the grandmothers and aunts to holidays and birthdays and greatly admired.


This period included what was probably the most memorable experiences in my life. I studied drawing for 11 years. I then went to the University and studied art. I tried different styles, even abstract. Nevertheless, I am fascinated by natural images even today.


After I graduated I had more time to paint again and my paintings were placed in various galleries. Occasionally I secured a place in an exhibition and had ​​my first experiences with people who wanted to buy my paintings.


In addition to selling my work at exhibitions, I got more and more orders from patrons to paint and implement their ideas. Often there were flowers and gardens, but sometimes wild seas with sinking ships or shadowy figures on the horizon. My scope expanded and I was feeling more like a unique individual.


I have opened a small gallery in my own home, and invite art enthusiasts by appointment and show my paintings. This is not only for good friends, but also for many business relationships and contacts with artists and exhibitors from various countries.


Today I live by selling my paintings, and draw murals on walls. I am a member of the Artists Association in Switzerland. I organize exhibitions and invite young artists who look exactly like me a few years ago to find a way to present their work and gain an honest reputation.